How To Wash Your Calming Pet Bed?

It is proven that canines prioritize fun over being clean, and they don't seem too concerned about jumping into their mattress or floor with ugly paws after spending time outdoors. That's why we firmly believe that all dog beds should be washable - in fact calming pet bed is simple to wash.

For best results, we recommend handling the inner/outer cushion of calming bed in:
Slight warm water
Mild soap or detergent
Air dryer recommended
Do not bleach/ iron/ dry clean
Do not use fabric softener
      Soak the canine bed in mildly hot water for two to three minutes. It helps to get rid of microscopic bugs from attacking your little one's soft skin. Ensure that you use mild hot water (under 30 degrees) that doesn't cause damage to the bed.
      You can vacuum the cushions to remove dust, dirt, flea eggs, and odors. This makes your home free from unpleasant odors, regardless it is for a short term or long term usage. Because our product is made of non-woven fabric in the inner cushion, we suggest hand wash over machine wash. The product is machine washable (gentle cycle) and tumble dryer friendly. For standard model, please wash the zipper covers and cushions separately.
      If you still have any other doubts regarding the washing instructions, please contact us at support@calmingpet.co and we will help you further.